Founded in 2011 VPN provider FoxyVPN is operated by My Privacy Tools, Inc. of San Diego, California, United States. The company since 2006 has been offering the program HideMyIp, which also allows anonymous browsing and IP address changing solution. At the moment if you are typing , you are redirected to

At the moment they have 61 IP locations in the following countries: USA,Chile, Brasil, Canada, Costa Rica, European countries, South Africa, Israrel, Turkey, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Singapore. Many clients are complaining that their software crash very often but along with their hide IP software, they also have a few software tools:

– Cookie Crumble – $19.95

– AutoWipe PC Pro – $24.95

– Hide My MAC Address – $19.95

– Don’t Spy On Me – $29.95

– Anti Hacker – $19.95

– Firewall Fortify – $29.95

– Clear My History – $14.95


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