HideIP VPN was one of the few VPN provider who offered alongside Premium accounts also a number of free access. Every month around 100 users could register for a free VPN account, allowing access to the VPN server in America and England. Now there are only still free trial accounts” with which the offer of HideIP VPN can be tested for three hours.
There’s VPN server in the US, Canada, England, Holland and Germany are available and in addition PPTP (“Pointto-Point Tunneling” protocol) are also L2TP / IPSec connections allowed. 2011, the old website HideIP VPN has been redesigned and pimped. In particular, the logo now looks friendly and professional.

With P2P / file sharing traffic allowed on their Netherlands servers. Connect to the service using Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android devices and DD-WRT routers. They also have a Smart DNS service for even faster connections.


> US / UK / NL / DE:  $14.99 per month
-> US / UK / NL: $9.99 per month
-> US / UK / DE: $9.99 per month
-> US VPN: $5.99 per month
-> UK VPN: $5.99 per month
> CA VPN: $5.99 per month
> EN VPN: $7.90 per month
-> P2P VPN: $7.90 per month

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