PureVPN was founded in November 2006 and is operated by GZ Systems Limited of Hong Kong. PureVPN it one of the oldest VPN providers and is also very popular among many Internet users.

Over the years PureVPN has more prices and the functionality of the VPN access revised. At the moment they have servers spanning 87 countries and 95 locations. Members have access to OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and IKE2 protocols. With P2P / file sharing traffic allowed on the network. The PureVPN client is available for Windows and Mac, You can also download iPhone and Android apps. They even support routers.The exchange between the different sites were and remain unlimited. With the free and optionally usable VPN software PureVPN the server changes can easily make a mouse click and thanks to the new pricing structure, it is allowed  2 simultaneous connections to the same account.
Fortunately, ceased to exist with the new pricing structure and also the download volume limitations of the cheaper packages.

The old “standard plan” for US $ 6 / month offered 20GB per month, the “Pure Gold Plan” for US $ 15 / month 30GB and if you wanted to download more, you had to completely unrestricted “Unlimited Plan” for a month 18 Select US dollars. In this respect, the new package of PureVPN are now much more attractive and the choice is simple!
PureVPN is not the cheapest service we’ve reviewed, especially when it comes to the “Unlimited” plan, but it’s only fair to pay for quality, and we find it hard to think of any demographic who would be disappointed with the solution. The top quality support is there to help technophobes with any problems, and enthusiasts will find plenty they can tweak themselves


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