This VPN service simply guarantees your privacy to the extent that no one will be able to track, spoof, or tap your online activity. They offer encrypted communication and surfing, using either 128-bit PPTP or 256-bit L2TP/IPSec protocols and also they use servers in 17 different countries to ensure stable and effective connections along with unlimited switching and full privacy.

Unlike a number of other similar services, One Click does not keep track of your online activity and no connection logs are ever kept. In fact, VPN One Click is the only service that truly guarantees your privacy. Additionally, when you are subscribing to the service, there is no requirement for completing or providing any type of personal information. Of course, all your network and internet activity is securely encrypted. Users will automatically be connected to the servers using an encrypted tunnel, hiding your real IP address from potential hackers and data thieves. Additionally, there is automatic switching, which means that each time a new connection is made, the server switches, providing added security.

Their software installation process normally happens automatically. From there, the first time you attempt to log in complete instructions are given. Everything is self-explanatory and you can choose which servers and protocols to use


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